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  • Don’t get caught red-faced at this year’s pageant

    16 November 2017

    Cancer Council SA is encouraging parents to ensure their children don’t get caught out unprotected in the sun at this year’s Christmas Pageant.

    Half of South Australian adults rely on temperature, cloud cover, time of day or shade to determine whether they protect their skin from the sun.

    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive, Lincoln Size, said that the daily temperature is not an indication of UV levels, which can still be high on cloudy or cooler days.

    “It is the sun’s UV that causes the damage to our skin, not the temperature, so people need to be aware that even if it is cloudy or cool we still need to cover up,” Mr Size said.

    “With the temperature expected to reach 26 degrees on Pageant day, parents should not be complacent about protecting their children’s skin from as early as 9am.”

    “On Pageant day, people will need to be SunSmart from as early at 9.00am to as late as 5.30pm as UV levels will remain well above three and will reach an extreme level of 11. We encourage parents and carers to ensure their children are well protected at the pageant with clothing that protects their skin, a shady hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.”

    “Evidence shows that exposure to UV radiation during childhood and adolescence largely determines a person’s lifetime skin cancer risk,” Mr Size added.

    “Risking long-term damage to the skin and increasing the risk of developing skin cancer is simply not worth it.

    “Right now, the UV is reaching very high levels on most days, even when conditions are mild and cloudy - this means skin damage can happen quickly if you’re caught out unprotected.

    “Checking the UV Alert for the daily sun protection times to know when UV levels reach three and above is another SunSmart behaviour we really encourage.”

    Next week is National Skin Cancer Action Week and Cancer Council SA will be raising awareness around the importance of SunSmart behaviour throughout the summer.

    SunSmart’s free App can be downloaded from Cancer Council SA.

    For more information about SunSmart principles visit cancersa.org.au or email sunsmart@cancersa.org.au

    - ends -

    To minimise sun damage, protect your skin in 5 ways when the UV Alert is three or above:

    •           Slip on some sun protective clothing

    •           Slop on SPF 30, or higher, broad spectrum sunscreen

    •           Slap on a shady hat, that protects the face, ears and neck

    •           Seek shade whenever possible

    •           Slide on some wraparound sunglasses

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