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  • Friends Cancer Diagnosis Inspires Rob Nearly 20 Years On

    08 August 2018

    Mawson Lakes resident Rob Thomas first became involved with Cancer Council SA nearly 20 years ago when his wife’s best friend, Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    It was the start of an eighteen year journey which has seen Rob involved in almost every Cancer Council SA fundraiser, from Relay For Life to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and of course, Daffodil Day.

    “When we first found out my wife and I decided to do a fundraiser in Cheryl’s honour and donate the money to Cancer Council SA,” he explained.  

    When Cheryl passed away four years ago, it strengthened his resolve even further to make a difference.

    “Before she passed away Cheryl made us make a promise that we would do everything we could to make sure that no else has to suffer through a cancer diagnosis like she did. Ever since, I’ve made sure to honour that promise,” he said.

    For Rob, Daffodil Day is his chance to do whatever he can to help an organisation that provides vital support to those when they need it most.

    “I’m a driver on the day, picking up flowers, delivering merchandise and meeting with the other volunteers. Basically anything that I can do to help out the team during the week and on the day.”

    “I’m happy to support in any way that I can. I’ve met with lots of doctors and nurses during my time and they always talk about what an amazing organisation Cancer Council is, which makes me so proud to be involved.”

    “Throughout Cheryl’s treatment our motto was if we work together we can beat this. It’s all about support and showing people that we care about them and will fight it together,” he said.

    Rob will join more than 8,100 volunteers across Australia who will give up their time to support Daffodil Day in 2018.

    With more than 1,300 sites across the country, Cancer Council Chief Executive Lincoln Size says that Daffodil Day is one of the most important days in Cancer Council’s calendar.

    “This year, all the money raised through Daffodil Day will go towards funding vital cancer research,” he said. 

    “Over the past 20 years, more than 61,000 Australian lives have been saved by improvements in cancer prevention, screening and treatment as a result of cancer research. With continued community support, many more lives will be saved.”

    He said that while cancer research has made some extraordinary breakthroughs over the years, with treatments improving all the time, there are still cancers with low survival rates and limited treatment options.

    “Despite advances made in research and improving survival rates for many cancers, we know that 27 South Australians are still diagnosed with cancer every day.”

    “Support for Daffodil Day ensures that we're investing in cutting-edge, life-saving research to give Australians hope for a cancer free future,” Mr Size said. 

    “Cancer Council works across every aspect of cancer, but we rely on the generosity of community donations to fund our work. We want to encourage everyone to get involved this Daffodil Day like Rob and know that their involvement will fund ongoing research, which will help save more lives.”

    There are many ways to support Daffodil Day; whether it’s volunteering your time, buying merchandise on Friday 24 August, donating online, or dedicating a daffodil online to someone you love.

    For more information or to get involved, visit www.daffodilday.com.au or call 1300 65 65 85.

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