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  • Kate Dedicates a Daffodil to her Mum

    16 August 2018

    This Daffodil Day, Cancer Council Youth Ambassador Kate Bond will be ‘Dedicating a Daffodil’ to her mum Louise who was diagnosed with cancer nine years ago.

    Kate signed up to be a Cancer Council Youth Ambassador at just 14 years of age. Inspired by her mum and her older sister, who was also a part of the program, she saw it as her chance to raise awareness about cancer amongst younger generations.   

    The experience changed her life and motivated her to use her knowledge to make a difference. 

    “As a Cancer Council Youth Ambassador, Daffodil Day is really important to me,” she said.

    “It’s a day that raises awareness and celebrates hope for all those affected by cancer. The daffodil really is a symbol of hope for everyone, no matter who they are.”

    “For me it’s particularly important as it allows me to give back to an organisation that has been there for my mum and our family throughout mum’s cancer journey.”

    Based in the country, Kate and her family have benefitted first-hand from Cancer Council’s support services, with her mum Louise staying at the Cancer Council Lodges at Flinders and Greenhill when she had to travel to Adelaide for treatment.

    Kate’s mum Louise explains why the service was so important to her and her family.

    “Being from the country, sometimes it’s not easy when you have to travel to Adelaide for treatment, so being able to stay in the Lodges close to the city really is a blessing. Cancer Council SA really is such a fantastic organisation to support and every dollar raised makes a huge difference,” said Louise.

    It’s through her mum’s own experience that Kate was able to see first-hand the full impact of Cancer Council’s services.

    “Watching my mum go through treatment on and off for the past nine years but remain positive has been really inspiring. Of course, there have been days when she felt down and I have felt down but you can’t let that define your journey. Your journey is how you deal with the situation not how the situation deals with you,” she said.  

    “One of my favourite quotes is “one drop raises the ocean”. It reminds me that no matter

    what amount of money is raised, every dollar will make a difference. To me, that quote defines what Daffodil Day is all about and shows me that together we can change the world,” she said.

    Kate will be joining Australians across the country on Daffodil Day who will be Dedicating a Daffodil to someone they love impacted by cancer.

    With more than 1,300 Daffodil Day sites across the country, Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Lincoln Size says that the event is one of the most important days in Cancer Council’s calendar.

    “This year, all the money raised through Daffodil Day will go towards funding vital cancer research,” he said. 

    “Over the past 20 years, more than 61,000 Australian lives have been saved by improvements in cancer prevention, screening and treatment as a result of cancer research. With continued community support, many more lives will be saved.”

    He said that while cancer research has made some extraordinary breakthroughs over the years, with treatments improving all the time, there are still cancers with low survival rates and limited treatment options.

    “Despite advances made in research and improving survival rates for many cancers, we know that 27 South Australians are still diagnosed with cancer every day.”

    “Support for Daffodil Day ensures that we're investing in cutting-edge, life-saving research to give Australians hope for a cancer free future,” Mr Size said. 

    “Cancer Council works across every aspect of cancer, but we rely on the generosity of community donations to fund our work. We want to encourage everyone to get involved this Daffodil Day like Kate and know that their involvement will fund ongoing research, which will help save more lives.”

    You can join Kate this August and dedicate a daffodil to someone you love by visiting https://dedicateadaffodil.daffodilday.com.au/dedicate.

    For more information about Daffodil Day or to get involved visit www.daffodilday.com.au or phone 1300 65 65 85.

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