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    10 February 2020

    “Are these symptoms normal?”
    “How do I tell my kids?”
    “Where can I turn for financial help?”

    The cancer experience can feel overwhelming at times, not only for the person diagnosed but also their family and friends. Finding reliable information and the right kinds of support can help enormously. Thanks to your ongoing generosity, our 13 11 20 phone lines continue to stay open.

    Talking to people and social connection is so important because cancer treatment can be physically and emotionally difficult to go through. The support of a 13 11 20 Cancer Nurse is available to all South Australians to help reduce the distress associated with a cancer diagnosis, to navigate through what may feel like a complicated system, and make sense of what can be a challenging time in their lives.

    Cancer causes questions. That’s why when you call 13 11 20, an experienced cancer nurse in Adelaide will answer—a nurse like Kate or Ann who know the difference the service can make during a time of need.

    “A typical day for a 13 11 20 Cancer Nurse like me involves being invited into people’s lives at their darkest moments—and sometimes at their best,” Kate says.

    This year, 13 11 20 nurses like Kate and Ann received 4,961 calls and provided valuable information and support to South Australians, including people with cancer, their loved ones, health professionals and students.

    “No two days are the same,” says Ann.

    “Calls can be challenging, sometimes sad, but mostly inspiring. It’s such a privilege to be able to help people during what is often a really difficult time. To anyone needing support, I would urge you to call us. Share your story. We are here to listen.”

    There is no need to do this on your own. Help and support can help make life easier. Cancer Council 13 11 20 will give you access to trustworthy information that is relevant and support services are available.

    13 11 20—your information and support gateway.

    Cancer Council 13 11 20 is a confidential information and support service where people can speak to a Cancer Council Nurse, about anything to do with cancer including:

    • emotional support if you or someone you care about has cancer
    • how to reduce your risk of cancer
    • questions about early detection
    • cancer diagnosis
    • treatments and their side effects
    • practical support and services that are available for people affected by cancer
    • end of life issues

    Cancer Council Nurses can also help to clarify medical terms, procedures and treatments, provide you with printed information, or can generally talk with someone about their cancer experience.

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