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  • Researcher Profile - February 2020

    10 February 2020

    Stopping aggressive cancer in its tracks.

    Associate Professor Philip Gregory, University of South Australia

    Breast and prostate cancer are among the most diagnosed cancers in women and men, and although advances in early detection have improved survival rates, there are still no effective treatments once they metastasise (or spread) to other parts of the body. A/Prof Professor Philip Gregory is hoping to change that.

    A/Prof Gregory’s research aims to discover new strategies to detect and treat therapy-resistant metastatic prostate cancer and identify factors that cause specific breast cancer cells to gain aggressive properties. He hopes that through his research, he can identify the cancers most likely to spread and develop new, more effective treatments to stop this aggressive type of cancer in its tracks.

    A/Prof Gregory has his own personal mission that drives his research: “My grandfather passed away a few years ago from prostate cancer, and it was just at the time when I was focussing my research more into the disease,” A/Prof Gregory explains. 

    “He had an aggressive form of prostate cancer and towards the end they were offering every treatment available but it wasn’t having an effect at all. It was hard seeing him go through that and it really motivated me to make a difference in the lives of others. 

    “Through the support of the South Australian community, our vision over the next five years is to use the latest technological advances in gene sequencing to identify factors which predispose breast and prostate cancer cells to become more aggressive and resistant to treatment. 

    Your support makes it possible to fund A/Prof Gregory’s research into advanced metastatic breast and prostate cancer, helping him and his team seek a better understanding of what causes a tumour cell to gain aggressive properties and become resistant to current therapies.

    Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project is a collaborative South Australian research funding program which capitalises on our partnerships with SA Health, SAHMRI and the South Australian Universities to deliver $4 of research for every $1 generously donated by our donors. Since its inception, Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project has funded nearly 250 cancer research initiatives that are working on better ways to detect, treat and live beyond cancer. Through your support in 2019, you helped to fund 33 research projects through Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project—six of which are brand new, including A/Prof Phillip Gregory and A/Prof Andrew Rowland. Outside of the Federal Government, Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project is the single largest cancer research investment in the state, and the first of its kind in Australia.

    Hear from a panel of Cancer Council SA funded researchers at our next Researcher Showcase event. Click here for more information or call 8291 4111 for details on our upcoming event.

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