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Thank you for your interest in SunSmart Workplace online learning.

The modules in the SunSmart Workplace online learning aim to help organisations develop a greater understanding of UV radiation as a workplace hazard and ways they can reduce their risk through control measures and policy development.

The online learning modules include:

  • Skin cancer in Australia
  • Am I at risk of skin cancer?
  • What does skin cancer look like?
  • How does skin cancer occur?
  • UV protection in the workplace
  • How do I check my skin?

This content is suitable for:

  • Work Health and Safety personnel, managers and team leaders
  • Organisations that have a high proportion of outdoor workers
  • Sports organisations with a high proportion of outdoor workers
  • Tertiary education and training instructors who are training outdoor workers of the future

To register for the online learning modules training program, please fill in the form and a member of the team will be in touch.