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    Update from the Chief Executive 

    Australia has entered into uncharted territory. The recent bushfires, economic downturn and the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is unprecedented. 

    The impact of these events is forcing me to make decisions never before seen in the history of Cancer Council SA. Decisions I never imagined I would ever have to make. These include what services and support we are able to continue to deliver to the community, now and into the future. 

    Regrettably, one of the decisions I have already had to make is to cancel/postpone all upcoming Cancer Council SA fundraising events, community education sessions and workshops. 

    This decision has not been made lightly, but nothing is more important to me than the safety of our volunteers, ambassadors, staff, supporters and those we are currently supporting.

    As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves it is likely there will continue to be even more disruptions to how Cancer Council SA is able to fulfil its mission to support our fellow South Australians who are impacted by cancer. 



    There is a wide range of estimates about how long the COVID-19 pandemic will continue and there is likely to be even more disruptions to how we are able to support our fellow South Australians with cancer. 

    We will continue to deliver our services to the community but doing this in an environment where our fundraising income is significantly affected and our reserves have been hit by the financial downturn is, as you can imagine, of great concern. We need to be there to fund vital research programs, to deliver prevention programs and provide practical support services at a time where, even more than usual, those with cancer need us most. 



    Without the promise of this support from our wonderful community, we face the very real and terrifying possibility of falling short in the funding we need for these critical cancer services, now and into the future.

    We not only greatly value, but heavily rely on support such as yours. Donations are the very lifeblood of our organisation and your support will go a long way to ensure we continue to provide assistance to those who need it most.

    The sudden and overwhelming emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic won’t stop the impact of cancer in our community, and in some instances may exacerbate it.

    This is a challenging time for all South Australians—but especially so for some of our most vulnerable—South Australians impacted by cancer. With your support today, we will overcome this current crisis and together, we will continue towards our vision of a cancer free future.

    You can be certain—regardless of the circumstances—that every minute, every hour, every day, Cancer Council SA will strive to be there for those impacted by cancer.


    Lincoln Size
    Chief Executive 
    Cancer Council SA 

    PS: We have developed a web page that provides information on COVID-19 and cancer. You can find this information and links to relevant authorities at www.cancersa.org.au/cancer-and-covid-19

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