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Leading us towards a cancer free future

Thanks to investment in research, amazing advancements have been made in cancer prevention, screening and treatment, with more people surviving cancer than ever before. But until the survival rate is 100 per cent, there’s still more work to be done. Through the support of the South Australian community we are able to fund the state’s best and brightest research minds, while also collaborating with leading research institutions to develop programs and lead in-house research to inform our evidence-based programs and services.

Year in review

Research is key to helping us find new ways to better detect, treat and live beyond cancer.

With the backing of the South Australian community, we know that by investing in the state’s leading researchers today, we are working towards a cancer free future tomorrow.

Key highlights

See how cancer research is getting us closer to a cancer free future.

Our supporters made it possible for us to fund over 60 research grants during the past year, 13 of which were new in 2020.

Today, around 69 per cent of Australians are likely to survive for at five years after their cancer diagnosis-and increase of almost 20 percent since the 1990s.

Cancer Council SA Beat Cancer Project is the largest source of cancer research funding in the state outside of the Federal Government.

Thanks to our collaborations, we’re able to maximise the value of every donation.

In the past year, Cancer Council SA supporters were given an opportunity to hear from some of the state’s best and brightest cancer researchers through our Research Showcase Event Series.

Research partners

Our research achievement wouldn’t be possible without our Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project partners— SA Health, SAHMRI and the South Australian Universities; together with support from generous community donations and financial support of the State Government through the Department of Health, and the Australian Government through the Medical Research Future Fund.

Research grants

Research grants included projects, clinical trials, travel grants, fellowships, infrastructure grants and scholarships across a broad spectrum of cancer-related topics, all with one goal in mind—to provide continuity of funding to lead us towards the next cancer breakthrough.