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Help make a bigger impact

When you choose to support Cancer Council SA each month, you help us to better plan long-term projects with greater potential impact. Your donations help to lay the foundation for years of future progress, and if you have a cause close to your heart, you can specify exactly what cancer type your money goes towards, or your support can go to an area where it is needed most.

Your monthly gift will make a real difference every day.

Become a supporter

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Every day, 28 South Australians are told they have cancer. It means that every day, we must continue investing in the services, programs and projects that help reduce that impact.

And thanks to you, we can know that we won’t have to turn anyone away.

By becoming a regular supporter, you’re committing to donating a monthly set amount, sent directly from your bank account to Cancer Council SA. Most of our donors have said that after a month or two, they don’t even notice that the money is gone, but are able to feel good every day knowing that they are giving back to help the local community.

Will you be there for people like Gina?

Gina was a 40-year-old mother of two when she received her shock Stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis. She was told she had 18 months to live. That was back in October 2015.

Thanks to extensive surgery, and the support of her family and 13 11 20, Gina is living, laughing, and loving every day as it comes.

You too can give someone this precious gift of time by funding Cancer Council SA’s vital support, prevention and research programs.

Your generosity will give families the ongoing support that they need throughout their cancer journey, and fund the research that is right now getting closer to the next breakthrough.

Your gift is needed

Just 166 South Australians giving $19 each month can help provide short-term support to people living with cancer like home help and childcare.

At $24 per month, just 264 people would fund a research project into treatments for children with cancer.

And $58 per month is enough to fund a project that looks for ways to stop breast cancer spreading if 410 people sign up.

I want to help save lives today