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Cancer incidence, mortality and burden are all significantly higher in Aboriginal Australians compared to non-Aboriginal Australians. In 2014, cancer was the cause of one in every five deaths of Aboriginal Australians.

Aboriginal Australians are 1.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with any type of cancer and have a five-year survival rate that is 14 per cent lower, at just 44 per cent. Lung cancer is ranked first both in terms of incidence and mortality in Aboriginal Australians. In fact, the mortality rate is 1.8 times higher than in non-Aboriginal Australians and is the cause of 134 deaths every year.

Cancer Council SA is developing an ongoing series of programs and projects, designed to address and minimise these disparities so that everyone has the opportunity to live a life without, or beyond cancer. These programs provide culturally appropriate avenues for accessing support services and prevention programs, informed by the latest data available.

Specifically, they enable you to connect with others to gain emotional and practical support, to lower your risk of developing cancer in the first place, to participate in screening and early detection, and to reach out to further support services as you need them.

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

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