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Cancer research saves lives

At Cancer Council SA, we believe that no one should lose a loved one to cancer. That’s why we are committed to funding and conducting research in all aspects of cancer and improving the quality of life and survival rates for people with cancer.

Thanks to the contribution of cancer research, over the last 20 years in Australia we have seen;

  • Cancer mortality rates decline by 18%.
  • Cancer survival rates for some common cancers increase by as much as 36%.
  • Today, almost 7 in 10 Australians will survive at least 5 years after a cancer diagnosis.
  • An estimated 61,000 Australian lives saved by improvements in cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

Kirsty Nurse Counsellor

Current Behavioural Research Projects

Unmet supportive cancer care needs:

Cancer Council SA are currently conducting a survey to explore the unmet supportive care needs of those impacted by cancer and their carers.

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About the Behavioural Research Unit

The Behavioural Research Unit sits within Cancer Council SA and conducts monitoring, applied research and evaluation to inform the development of Cancer Council SA’s cancer control programs and services.

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Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project

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