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Bringing together Lodge accommodation, prevention, research, and support under one roof to deliver a cancer free future.

There are 30 new cases of cancer diagnosed every day. With 1.9 million Australians expected to have a personal history of cancer by 2040, the need for ongoing support for individuals and their families is now more important than ever before.

Cancer Council SA’s new building will offer that support through creating a home away from home for every South Australian impacted by cancer. Featuring 120 rooms of supportive accommodation alongside cancer research, prevention and support services, our new building will give every South Australian impacted by cancer every chance to survive a diagnosis, regardless of where they’re from, or where they are in their cancer experience.

Centrally located at 202 Greenhill Road, Cancer Council SA’s new building includes: 

  • Multiple communal kitchen facilities where guests can prepare meals just like at home.
  • Onsite evening dining for nights when guests are too tired to cook.
  • Dedicated quiet breakout spaces for when guests need a moment of rest or reflection.
  • An activity hub where guests can socialise with each other and volunteers are on hand to make a cup of tea or have a friendly conversation.
  • Access to onsite Social Workers and Counsellors to help navigate the bumps along a cancer journey and lend a supportive ear.
  • A dedicated information and resource area to provide answers to questions and reassurance guests are not alone in their experience.
  • Culturally appropriate accommodation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Dedicated family rooms and play spaces to ensure the whole family is supported.
  • Onsite free parking and shopping facilities within walking distance.
  • Free transport from accommodation to treatment.

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Our new building ensures that every South Australian impacted by cancer has the support they need across every stage of their cancer experience for generations to come.” – Cancer Council SA Board Chair, The Hon Karlene Maywald


As a not for profit, Cancer Council SA relies on the generosity of the South Australian community to fund our vital work. We need support from the South Australian community to fund vital services and supports operating out of our new building, including prevention programs like SunSmart and support services like 13 11 20.

Projects like this are only made possible because of the legacy of support from both our current and past Lodge donors. If you have previously donated to Flinders Lodge or Greenhill Lodge and would like to find out more about how you can support in the future, please fill out the form here.

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