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Our stakeholders include;

  • The South Australian community
  • Cancer patients, their families, carers and friends
  • Our volunteers, fundraisers and donors
  • Our employees
  • Our suppliers
  • The South Australian Government, its departments and authorities
  • Researchers and medical professionals
  • Australian Government.

Cancer Council SA provides general and specific communications as appropriate to our stakeholder groups.

The Annual Report and information presented on the Cancer Council SA website form the basis of the general communication.

Targeted communication pieces are prepared to provide information and support for cancer patients, their families and supporters.

Specific engagement through periodic and ad-hoc targeted communication pieces, presentations and face to face meetings support the general communications with our volunteers, fundraisers and donors.

Cancer Council SA has direct communication with the South Australian Government and its various departments and authorities involved in the regulation, administration, service and support of South Australians with cancer and their carers. Our dialogue with the Government also covers activities related to or having an impact on the incidence of cancer in the community.

Employee engagement is supported by our internal staff communication piece, ‘Council Bytes’, monthly all staff meetings as well as focus group research to monitor the employee well being in the work place.

Our website contains specific information for researchers and medical professionals to assist them in their work with those affected by cancer.

Surveys are used to obtain stakeholder feedback on Cancer Council SA’s operations and activities.  These surveys play a vital role in the planning and development of future operations and interactions with our stakeholders.

Cancer Council SA uses social media to provide a avenue for both stakeholder information and engagement. Social media sites are monitored and updated with new and relevant information on an ongoing basis.