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With gift giving season upon us, we have compiled a gift guide filled with suggestions for the holiday period. Whether you’re getting organised for teachers, the office secret Santa or stocking fillers, our Prevention Team have got you covered.


With the cost of living growing, consider giving something that you know is needed and used. Sunscreen is a fantastic gift to receive for an Australian holiday season with options in different sizes, packaging and price ranges.

Cancer Council recommends using sunscreen that is SPF 50+, broad-spectrum (which protects against both UVA and UVB radiation as both can cause cancer) and water-resistant.

Great for: The person who has it all, and families.

Beach and outdoor leisure shades

There are many beach umbrellas, tents, cabanas and canopies on the market which make a terrific lasting gift for anyone who wants to enjoy South Australia’s beautiful beaches while reducing exposure to harmful UV.

When shopping, look out for UPF50+ which is the highest protection rating for fabric in Australia.

Great for: Young people who have just moved out of home, families, and new retirees enjoying outdoor leisure time.

Water bottle

Water bottles have now become a fashion accessory in and of themselves and we are here for it! With so many colours and brands around, you can choose one that reflects the personality of the gift recipient.

Great for: Teenagers and young people, and anyone starting a new job or studying.

Broad-brimmed hats

If you’re stuck for teacher gift ideas, a broad-brimmed hat will be well received for function and style for yard duty.

When looking for a SunSmart hat choose one that shades the whole face with a minimum brim width of 7.5 cm and is made of a close weave fabric that does not allow light to get through.

The Cancer Council Shop has some stylish, SunSmart hat options for everyone.

Great for: Teacher gifts, secret Santa, people who work and enjoy leisure time outdoors, gardeners, and golfers.


Know someone who spends a lot of time outdoors? Sunglasses are a terrific gift idea.

Choose large, wrap-around, close-fitting sunglasses to reduce reflected UV radiation and glare. The colour or darkness of the lens doesn’t actually indicate the level of UV protection, so check the tag or label for:

  • sunglasses that meet the Australian Standard for eye protection AS 1067 in category 2, 3 or 4.
  • an eye protection factor (EPF) rating of 9 or 10 – these exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard, providing excellent protection.

Be aware of glasses that are marked ‘fashion spectacles’, as these do not offer protection from UV.

The Cancer Council Shop has some stylish, SunSmart sunglasses options for everyone.

Great for: People who work and enjoy leisure time outdoors, gardeners, golfers, people who are always losing their sunglasses.

Fruit bowl with seasonal fruit

A terrific low-cost option is to visit your local op shop to buy a cute or quirky bowl that you can fill with seasonal fresh fruit. This is a perfect gift for the minimalist or eco-conscious person in your life who will appreciate the thoughtfulness of purchasing second-hand and local.

Great for: Eco-conscious people, and the person who has it all.

Cooler bag and lunch box

Insulated lunch bags are not only essential for food safety, but they also encourage saving money and healthy eating. Whether for adults or kids, a new cooler bag and lunch box combo is a terrific gift to receive.

Great for: Secret Santa, teenagers and young people, and anyone starting a new job or studying.

Give the gift of hope

If you’re stuck for ideas but want to give something really meaningful, consider donating as a gift this Christmas. You can donate to Cancer Council SA this Christmas to help fund cancer research that can light the way to a better future for South Australians impacted by cancer.

Great for: All South Australians.

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