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Held from 15 – 21 March, Harmony Week celebrates inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic backgrounds, united by a set of core Australian values.

Cancer Council SA works with a number of different South Australian cultural organisations to support people within their communities to achieve a cancer free future.

To mark Harmony Week, we spoke with Constance Jones, Manager from the African Women’s Federation of SA and chairperson of the Sierra Leone Community and Sierra Leone Women’s Association of SA about how Cancer Council SA has supported her and her community.

Tell us about the African Women’s Federation of SA

The African Women’s Federation exists to support African women in South Australia, empowering and supporting them as they settle into a new life in South Australia. We started in 2004 and apply a holistic approach to supporting refugees and African women in our community.

What does the Harmony Week Theme ‘Everyone Belongs’ mean to you?

The theme ‘Everyone Belongs’ is really important to us. We are passionate about working with women and bringing them together in everything we do, creating a space where they feel empowered to share knowledge in a welcoming and supportive environment.

How are you working with Cancer Council SA to support your community?

We’ve got a fantastic relationship with Cancer Council SA, it’s such a well-respected organisation and I feel confident and comfortable in referring women, both in my role with the African Women’s Federation and as a leader within my community, to Cancer Council SA for information and support.

The women we work with face a number of health issues, particularly where to go to for help, and Cancer Council SA has always been trusted source of information for the women we support.

Later this month we’ll be joining with Cancer Council SA to host a discussion forum where we will bring together leaders to discuss health issues affecting our community, another example of how we are working together with Cancer Council SA to help those who need it.