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Daffodil Day holds a great deal of importance for long-standing Cancer Council volunteer and Adelaide Hills local Tony Jones.

Over his lifetime, Tony has had many close family and friends be impacted by cancer. His mother has survived both bowel and liver cancer, his father had prostate cancer twice, his sister sadly passed away from an inoperable brain tumour and he himself has had a number of skin cancers removed too.

That’s why for all that cancer takes, this Daffodil Day you’ll find him giving his time at one of our Daffodil Day sites.

“Daffodil Day has always been an important day for me—cancer has had a big impact on my life.

“I’ve seen too many wonderful people lose their life to cancer and helping create a cancer free future would make me absolutely overjoyed.

“People of every age get cancer—it’s indiscriminatory and ruins so many lives. To see an end to that would be miraculous.

“This Daffodil Day I want to support Cancer Council SA and research… I want to do everything I can to help raise money and awareness and I encourage others to volunteer and do the same. I want more people to give time, donations or ideally both so that Cancer Council SA has more money for vital cancer research.”

As always, Cancer Council SA’s iconic Daffodil Day sites will be up and running right across metropolitan Adelaide where, just like Tony, you can put your hand up to volunteer some time to raise funds for cancer research.

If you can’t commit to volunteering at one of our sites, that’s ok. There are other ways you can get involved and give back this Daffodil Day, take a look:

Host a Yellow Event:

If you’re unable to coordinate a site this year, you might like to register to host a Yellow Fundraiser event at your school, workplace or with your friends and family and give this Daffodil Day Appeal.

Buy daffodils:

Purchase fresh daffodils on Daffodil Day and give towards life-saving cancer research.


Visit this August, or one of our Daffodil Day sites on Daffodil Day and give to Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day Appeal to fund life-saving cancer research.

“For every dollar we raise it means more money being invested into research,” says Tony.

“If everyone gave their time or a donation this Daffodil Day it would bring us a big step closer to a cure… to prevent cancer occurring.

“If anyone has time to spare, definitely sign up to volunteer and if you can, give.

“Dig deep, do everything you can to support Daffodil Day.”

To learn more about Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day Appeal and how you can give, visit

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