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Want to increase your physical activity to improve your health and reduce cancer risk? Cycling is a great way to be more physically active. With so many different ways to incorporate Riding into your day, anyone can do it.

First, let’s chat about why being physically active is so important.

Physical activity is an essential element of good health – it helps us maintain a healthy weight (an independent risk factor for cancer) and, importantly, it also helps to reduce lifetime cancer risk.

Being physically active helps to manage insulin levels which can impact blood sugar levels and cancer risk. Exercise also speeds up food passing through the bowel, helping to expel toxins within the stool faster, reducing the risk of bowel cancer.

It’s not just about physical health either, it also makes us feel great by improving mood and increasing energy levels.

To reduce your risk of some cancers, Cancer Council SA recommends aiming for at least one hour of moderate intensity physical activity or 30 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity on five or more days per week.

Whether you’re planning to take on our Ride for a reason challenge to make every K count in March or you just want to increase your physical activity to improve your health, here are 4 ways you can make cycling part of your day.

1. Ride to work or school

Incorporate active travel into your daily routine by riding to work, or riding with the kids to school. To get in the habit, try riding to work or school once a week and then gradually build up to riding more often.

Try out planning your journey using the Cycle Instead Journey Planner – an interactive tool that helps you plan your cycling trip using a variety of options that consider fitness, confidence level, road conditions and speed of travel.

2. Join a local spin class or gym

Don’t own a bike? No problem! Riding a stationary bike is just as effective. Sign up to your local gym or find a local spin class and ride with a group!

3. Get outdoors

South Australia has wonderful parks and trails to ride when looking to get active on the weekends or after work. Don’t forget your sun protection and to follow the directions of local authorities.

From beginner trails to mountain biking, there are many beautiful trails around South Australia to ride. For help finding a trail near you, visit or

4. Make your K’s count and Ride for a reason

This March, every kilometre you ride can support the work of Cancer Council SA when you register to Ride for a reason. Every kilometre counts, whether it’s on the road, on a track, in a spin class or at home.

By signing up to Ride for a reason this March, you are helping us fund life-saving cancer research, prevention, advocacy and support programs that change lives.

Learn more and register to Ride for a reason at

Note: People who are starting a new physical activity should start at a level that is easily manageable and gradually build up to the recommended amount, type and frequency of activity. See your doctor before starting a new exercise program, particularly if you haven’t been active for a while.

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