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Marion is getting ready to take part in her sixth Marilyn Jetty Swim with her team Marilyn’s Missfits, who are infamous in the Marilyn’s sisterhood for their annual fundraising events that have raised almost $50,000 for South Australians impacted by cancer.

Seven years ago, Marion saw a big group of people dressed up as ‘50s icon Marilyn Monroe, having so much fun swimming around the Brighton Jetty and she thought she’d love to do that. The following year in 2017, Marion took part in her first Marilyn Jetty Swim and she hasn’t looked back.

“The whole atmosphere is amazing—from the Soiree that’s held two weeks before the swim, and then the excitement on the actual swim day, seeing so many male and female Marilyns. It’s an absolute buzz and you honestly meet so many lovely, kind-hearted people,” Marion says.

“The most special thing I have really enjoyed is forming our wonderful Marilyn’s Missfits team, as we have had many exciting fundraisers. I have always enjoyed fundraising and have many regular sponsors who are happy and willing to donate prizes.”

From quiz nights to online auctions and movie nights—the Marilyn’s Missfits love organising their successful fundraising events each year to raise funds in the lead up to the swim.

Marilyn's Missfits

“Everyone has been touched by cancer, whether it’s themselves, their partner, family or friends. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you are helping in some way,” Marion says.

“It’s very reassuring to know that Cancer Council SA is putting the money raised towards amazing programs and services for people impacted by cancer like the wonderful, recently-built, brand new accommodation, where anyone dealing with cancer from country areas can stay while going through their treatment.”

Marion’s message to people thinking about getting involved in the Marilyn jetty Swim, is don’t be nervous about asking friends to donate.

“Every little bit helps, and you can host a very simple event at home or in the workplace like a morning or afternoon tea, BBQ or dinner party and ask your guests and work colleagues to make a small donation. Cancer Council SA have special boxes you can place on the table, and you will be amazed at how many people are happy to donate,” Marion says.

“You will enjoy every minute and will meet so many lovely people while helping such a great charity.”

Cancer Council SA’s Marilyn Jetty Swim is an iconic part of the annual Channel 7 Brighton Jetty Classic which sees over 450 South Australians swim or paddle 400 metres around Brighton Jetty—dressed head to toe as ‘50s icon Marilyn Monroe.

To donate and support the bold, fabulous South Australians taking part in the Marilyn Jetty Swim visit

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