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During National Volunteer Week in May, our staff and Lodge guests showed their appreciation for our incredible volunteers by writing why they’re thankful for them on our petal wall.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our staff and guests to say a big THANK YOU for all the incredible work our volunteers do. Here are some of the beautiful messages of thanks.

We thank our volunteers for…

“The generosity of their time, the experiences and knowledge they share, and the support and dedication to caring for others. The connection they have with our community makes it a better place for us all.”

“All that they do for us each week. They give up their precious time, taking on a variety of tasks so willingly and always with a smile.”

“They support our guests and so many people impacted by cancer.”

Your time, effort, commitment, and patience given to Cancer Council SA for all the years without ever expecting anything in return. You are rare gems in this world.

“Driving our guests to their appointments, helping with luggage and for being so cheery!”

“Sacrificing time in their lives to make an impact in someone else’s world.”

“Not just all the incredible work they do and support they provide, but also the beautiful and kind energy they bring with them wherever they go.”

“Always having a smile on their faces and for being so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble!”

“Giving up your time, no questions asked. We appreciate you!”

“Making calls to our donors and thanking them. They truly make such a difference every time they come in.”

Being there for our staff and guests! They always go above and beyond. Their care and dedication is inspiring!

“Packing our Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea host kits and stocktaking our merchandise. We honestly couldn’t do our campaigns without them!”

“The love, effort and care they invest to help us and those impacted by cancer live a better life.”

“All the smiles and help with our guests – battling the traffic to help them to hospital – and for all the laughs!”

Always brightening my day – you make everything happier somehow. You are kind, caring, helpful, respectful. Thank you so much to all the volunteers.

“Their generosity in giving their time to support others with patience, understanding, compassion and empathy.”

“Their kindness, hard work and commitment towards making this world a better place to live.”

“Thank you so much. Your care and patience is wonderful. Thank you for everything you do. To you it might mean nothing but to us it means a lot.”

“Great stories on the drive to hospital.”

“Their amazing efforts transporting out guests to and from treatment and orientating our guests to our new facility. So grateful!”

The large, giving hearts you have for those having a hard time. Your selflessness, your kindness, your willingness.

“Always going above and beyond. Their care for everyone they support is always evident. They are simply the best!”

“Their time, their dedication, their vulnerability, their braveness, their commitment, their humour and their support.”

For making a difference to those that need it most. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you!

To learn more about how you can volunteer with Cancer Council SA, visit

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