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Cancer Council SA Ambassadors Peter and Fran Tann have had multiple experiences with cancer. Sharing their story through Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is their way of thanking Cancer Council SA for the support they have received.

Fran was first diagnosed with cancer in 1997, after the loss of her mum. She went through treatment and then recovery, only to be diagnosed with another form of breast cancer in 2004.

Fran then found out that her sister also had breast cancer and brother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer.

However, their cancer story didn’t stop there. In 2012, Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Peter promised Fran that once he turned 50, he would have a GP check up every year.

“That’s how my prostate cancer was found early and that’s why I’m still here today,” Peter said.

Shortly after Peter’s diagnosis, their grandson Alex was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was three years old. He was told he would not live past his fourth birthday. Today Alex is still going through his cancer experience and is about to turn 14.

Alex Volunteer

The family’s experience prompted the husband and wife team to begin to volunteer with Daffodil Day and Pink Ribbon Day and then transition to the Ambassador Program.

“Men are notoriously bad at getting check-ups and I hope that by sharing my story as an ambassador I can promote regular check-ups to catch cancer early and increase recovery rates.”

A hatred of cancer is what motivates both Peter and Fran to be Ambassadors and participate in the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Speakers Program for Cancer Council SA.

Peter Volunteer

Fran is also on her third bout of breast cancer.

“Despite this setback, I am thankful for the continuous progression in research and treatments that Cancer Council is helping to fund”, said Fran.

“Being an Ambassador and speaking at Australia Biggest Morning Tea events is our way to be thankful for my treatment and giving back and help to continue to protect Alex, all of my grandchildren and hopefully their children.’’

“It’s about spreading the word and helping to generate donations which fund research. Hopefully soon, there won’t be a thing called cancer, the way research is going”, said Peter.

If you want to help but don’t know where to start, Peter and Fran’s advice is to just do it, register to host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

“If you wish to take it a step further, volunteering and being part of the Speakers Program, you’ll meet lots of nice people, Cancer Council SA staff, other ambassadors and volunteers. It gives you a sense of belonging and understanding within a community.”

“By being a part of the Speakers Program, you are creating a space for others to feel comfortable sharing their story which can help them feel supported and make a difference in their cancer experience’’.

To host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea or donate click on the website.

To find out more about the Speakers Program contact

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