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Cancer Council SA’s concierge service is now available at our new building to help accommodation guests and other visitors navigate our building and services.

“Being able to give back and to know that you might have made a difference in someone’s otherwise horrible journey”, holds great importance for Concierge Volunteer Vicki Watson. With a cancer story both professionally and personally, becoming a Concierge Volunteer was a no-brainer for her.

Having experienced cervical cancer herself, and more recently supporting her best friend, Debbie through her ovarian cancer journey, Vicki has seen first hand the impact Cancer Council SA’s services can have on those navigating a cancer experience.

Vicki first became involved with Cancer Council SA through working at Flinders Medical Centre, where 20 years of her 40-year career was spent working with cancer. In her role, Vicki had to know what services were available for patients above and beyond what she could offer them.

“Cancer Council was always my reference. People needed help and the public health system doesn’t offer a lot of support outside of their treatment at hospital.”

Knowing the difference that Cancer Council SA services make was “the final nudge for me to say I want to be associated with this organisation,” said Vicki.

“I see the role as concierge really being one of welcoming and making people who are stressed feel at ease.”

From offering assistance with luggage and providing information, to guiding guests to their room and providing a friendly face, the help available from concierge volunteers is limitless.

“I absolutely love volunteering here. I just think the staff are fantastic, the building is beautiful. I feel blessed to be doing this. It’s very rewarding. I really love it and look forward to my time here.”

If you are interested in becoming a Concierge Volunteer or would like more information about volunteering with Cancer Council SA visit or contact 

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