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From a royal luncheon, to a humble get together with colleagues, no morning tea is complete without delicious food. But morning teas don’t have to be predictable – they can be a great place for nutritious and delicious options. Our Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea team have come up with four healthy ideas guaranteed to be a hit at your morning tea.

1. A platter loaded with veggies and fruit

The secret to building a show-stopping and healthy platter for your next morning tea or gathering is to load it up with a rainbow of colourful and nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, fill in the gaps with grainy or seeded crackers and add in some lighter, yet filling, protein options.

Add lighter, veggie-based dips like hummus, tzatziki or guacamole, served in mini bowls. Make your own if you can—try our hummus with capsicum and pepitas recipe.

2. A healthier version of your favourite sweet treat

Adding high fibre ingredients to your favourite cake recipe such as wholemeal flour and walnuts, creates a healthier version for your guests to enjoy. Try our delicious Pear and Yoghurt Slice recipe and Mini Carrot Cakes recipe for a high fibre, healthier alternative to these traditional morning tea favourites!

3. A bite-sized savoury option

Break up the sweets, with something savoury that’s not only delicious, but packed full of veggies! Cut them up into small pieces or serve them in muffin cases so guests can grab and go.

Some great savoury food options for a morning tea include:

4. A drink to delight

Alongside tea and coffee, remember to serve a big jug of water out for guests (you could add lemon, mint, fruit slices and even cucumber). If you’re feeling creative, experiment with some fun and tasty mocktails. When creating mocktails, be cautious of mixers as they can often be high in sugar and calories. Try one of our delicious mocktail recipes:

When is Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea?

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is officially held on Thursday 23 May 2024, however you can register to host at any time throughout May or June. Simply register your Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea online, set a date in May or June and start sending out your invites!

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