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Margaret watched breast cancer impact three generations—her great grandmother, her grandmother and her mum. Then, she stood by her best friend’s side when she too was diagnosed. After seeing and receiving assistance from Cancer Council SA, Margaret has kindly left a gift to Cancer Council SA in her Will.

“Janice was like my sister. The first time I was alone after she told me the news, I cried for what felt like hours. We went through it together. I sat with her through every chemo session, and I shaved my head so she didn’t have to do it alone. But there were some questions I couldn’t answer, so I put her in touch with Cancer Council SA. I even called 13 11 20 myself. It blew my mind to see how supportive they were, and it cemented my appreciation of the role Cancer Council plays for so many people.

Hopefully they’ll have to wait a little while, but my little contribution (whenever it happens) will be a gift to help Cancer Council SA continue their important work.

It’s a comfort to know that whether it’s for me in the future, my loved ones or perfect strangers— they’re doing it for all South Australians. It gives you a warm feeling in your heart.”

When you leave a gift in your Will to Cancer Council SA just like Margaret, you are helping to bring a cancer free future closer.

Gifts in Wills, no matter the size, play a fundamental role in the successes that Cancer Council SA has been able to achieve in reducing cancer deaths and supporting people with cancer. These generous contributions are vital for Cancer Council SA’s work across the whole cancer journey, from world-class research to information, support and prevention programs.

Click here to find out more about how a Gift in your Will could help make a lasting impact for generations to come

If you too would like to leave more than a gift of hope to those you love, or would like to discuss your existing Gift, please get in touch on 1300 65 65 85 or