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Donor Funding: $800,000
Cancer Type: All cancers
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Mr Andrew Stanley
University of South Australia

Our research
SA NT Datalink links data from multiple datasets across many sectors, including health care, education and social services. Once linked, data describing the health and experience of many thousands of individuals can be supplied to a researcher in a completely de-identified format. This intelligent linkage process strengthens privacy protection while giving researchers access to true population-based data relevant to many areas of research, including cancer prevalence, detection, treatment and outcomes.

What we aim to achieve
Depending on the specific cancer, the data linkage research project may contribute to improved knowledge and/or practice in relation to cancer prevalence, detection, treatment or outcomes.

Our next steps and milestones
Our next steps are to continue adding new data sets and data updates to facilitate cancer research and inform health system policies and services. We also aim to implement improved systems and processes to improve timeliness and efficiency of linked data access. In addition, we aim to supply linked data as required for specific cancer related data linkage projects and ensure the ongoing sustainability of the research infrastructure via SA NT DataLink Consortium.

What motivates me
SA NT DataLink is committed to contributing to a better understanding of cancer prevalence, factors contributing to this, and improved treatments and outcomes for the community and individuals.

My message to supporters
This project represents the ability to link data from various organisations simply and effectively, whilst protecting the privacy of individuals. This is essential for the success of cancer research across epidemiology, clinical and health services research, now and into the future.