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Donor Funding: $400,000
Cancer Type: All cancers
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Professor Ian Olver
University of South Australia

This project will establish a best-practice cancer clinical trials network (CTN) across all sites providing cancer treatment and care in South Australia. This includes regional sites which are currently limited in their capacity to support a CTN, but where commitment, funding, using the COSA teletrials model and current technology can overcome these barriers.

As part of establishing the SACTN, an appropriate governance structure, statistical and technical expertise, sophisticated IT platform inclusive of mobile technology integration, funding model, communication and trial promotion strategy, and measures to track process, outcome and impact of SACTN success (or otherwise) will be identified. Stakeholders including consumers will be engaged throughout to ensure acceptability, feasibility and long-term sustainability of the system design. A formal evaluation will be undertaken and data will be used to produce a final report.

A demonstration trial project will be devised, implemented and reviewed to test the operating model of the SACTN. This project will support other state-wide initiatives (e.g. Optimal Care Pathways implementation).

The impact of this project will be:

  • Increased attraction of funding external to SA by creating a marketable focal point for SA-based clinical trials
  • Better access to clinical trial information for all stakeholders (which trial is running where)
  • State-wide coordination of data to free up site-based managers to focus on site-specific trial management
  • Leadership and technical support for PhD and clinical research projects
  • An advanced clinical trials IT platform including website and mobile device technology
  • Standardised, integrated reporting systems (e.g. number of patients reviewed in clinic versus patients on trials).