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Donor Funding: $87,000
Cancer Type: Leukaemia
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2020, 2021

Professor David Ross

The South Australian Cancer Research Biobank (SACRB) is a statewide research facility that collects blood, bone
marrow, and other tissues from cancer patients, and stores them for future use in research. Biomedical researchers in
South Australia can apply to the biobank for the samples needed for their research projects. Long-term collection and
storage of samples is essential to study a cancer at diagnosis, after treatment, and at relapse. It also enables the
collection of substantial numbers of samples, even from rare cancers.

SACRB complies with relevant ethics and governance regulations and is recognised by the National Health and Medical
Research Council as a public biobank. It is one of the largest biobanks of blood cancers in Australia. Since its inception
in 2012 the Biobank has enabled local cancer researchers to obtain 37 million dollars in research funding, contributed to many high profile international studies, and over one hundred high impact research papers. The Adelaide Biomed City Precinct funds majority of the running costs of the biobank.