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Donor Funding: $40,000
Cancer Type: Bowel, Breast, Prostate
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2021

Dr Kerri Beckmann
University of South Australia

The primary aim of my research is to reduce cancer risk, and improve clinical and functional outcomes for people diagnosed with breast, prostate and colorectal cancer. My leadership of Prostate Cancer Health Outcomes Research Unit (PCHORU) in SA resulted in both academic and lay publications on patterns of care and the appropriateness of clinical decision tools for managing prostate cancer. This body of work was a catalyst for the establishment of the binational prostate cancer clinical register (ANZ-PCOR) which now collects nationally consistent data to improving prostate cancer outcomes. As part of the dissemination plan for PCHORU, I convened a highly successful research forum (Adelaide 2016) for men impacted by prostate cancer and family members.