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    Give today to help researchers find better treatments for tumours like Fanny's

    When Fanny was seven months pregnant, she was told she had a rare soft-tissue cancer in her leg. She had to make a decision that no mother-to-be should have to make:

    Would she agree to agressive chemotherapy that she feared might harm her baby girl, or risk not living long enough to meet her?

    Thankfully, Fanny was one of the lucky ones. This Mother’s Day will be the first that she spends with her daughter, Léna.

    Your support will ensure more mums like Fanny can celebrate their first Mother's Day.

    We urgently need to fund the research that's discovering better treatments for solid tumours
    like Fanny'sresearch like Dr Tessa Gargett's.

    Dr Gargett’s research is investigating immunotherapies—treatments harness the body’s own immune system to attack and kill cancer cells more effectively.

    “As a researcher and a mother myself, stories like Fanny’s break my heart. But I am determined
    to do what I can to improve treatment options. I would urge anyone who is able to donate to
    Cancer Council to help me continue this life-saving work." - Dr Tessa Gargett

    But researchers like Dr Gargett are relying on your support to continue their life-saving work.

    Please send a generous Mother's Day gift before 30 June to fund more ground-breaking research that will save lives.


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