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    Spread a little love, hope and joy this Christmas by supporting those impacted by cancer.

    When Sam was told that she had terminal cancer and had only a year to live,
    her first thoughts were that she wouldn't get to see her young boys Jye and Levi grow up.


    How do you tell your children that you might not be around in a year?
    That they will have to grow up without their mum?

    After overcoming cancer once, how do you then tell your friends and family
    that your cancer has returned? This was the heartbreaking reality
    Sam was faced with following a diagnosis of stage 4 cervical cancer.




    There are so many cases like Sam’s, of people who have faced cancer and just want
     more precious time with the ones they love, and together we can give them that time.

    We urgently need kind-hearted people like you to help continue funding vital projects
     that will find better and more effective treatments for people diagnosed with cancer.

    Please, will you give today to help fund life-changing research like that of Associate
    Professor Andrew Rowland, who is trying to give people more time?

    A/Prof Rowland’s research has the potential to benefit all people diagnosed with cancer. His research into KIs shows that by getting the right dose for each patient, we can dramatically improve, and in some cases double, patient outcomes giving them the precious gift of time with their loved ones.

    “For many people diagnosed with cancer, the first thing they think of is time. ‘How much time do I have left? How much time will I have with my family and friends? Will I live long enough to see…?”

     “As someone who lost my own mum to cancer just days before my first child was born, I know how powerful time can be. Time would have given my mum the chance to meet her first grandchild. Through perfecting precision dosing, we can give people diagnosed with cancer more time to spend with their loved ones.” – A/Prof Andrew Rowland.



    Your gift will give more than hope. By funding vital cancer research, you will save lives.


    Today at Cancer Council SA

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    Fundraising Events

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    Leave a gift in your Will

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  • Sam's story

    Sam's story

    Looking to the future with a stage 4 cervical cancer diagnosis. Read Sam’s story here.

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    Share your story

    Raise awareness about important cancer issues while helping others cope with treatment and feel less alone. Read more about how to share your story.

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