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At Cancer Council SA, we understand that as a donor to our organisation your trust in the way that we put your donation to work is critical. This page details just some of the work we undertake and links through to our annual reports and financials so that you can get a clear picture of the work we do to help our fellow South Australians.

Donations are used to fund our research projects that find new and better ways to treat and detect cancer, prevention programs that empower people to reduce their cancer risk, and support services that help to ease the burden of a cancer diagnosis.

Nationally, we fund more cancer research than any other non-government organisation in Australia. Here in South Australia, Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project has funded more than 200 South Australian research initiatives across a range of cancers. With your support, we will continue working towards the next cancer breakthrough.

We offer a range of support services to all South Australians affected by cancer when they need it most. Last year alone, we provided information and support to more than 5,000 South Australian families through Cancer Council 13 11 20. Through your support we will be able to offer this vital service for years to come.

We know that preventing cancer is one of the most effective ways of creating a cancer free future. Through your support, we are able to develop programs that encourage and empower people to lead healthier lifestyles to help reduce their cancer risk.

The impact you’re making

Thanks to you, no one has to go through cancer alone. This year, tens of thousands of South Australians supported Cancer Council SA through a donation, a fundraiser, or a gift of their time. You raised an incredible $8.9 million, which continues to help the South Australian community in a number of ways.

Impact Report 2020/2021

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250 cancer initiatives funded

Since its inception, Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project has funded nearly 250 cancer research initiatives that are working on better ways to detect, treat and live beyond cancer.

$1.8 million invested in vital support services

You helped to fund our practical, psychosocial and physical support services for people living with cancer, including Cancer Council 13 11 20 and our supportive accommodation for rural South Australians staying in Adelaide for cancer treatment. This year, Cancer Council SA was able to invest $1.8 million in vital support services.

Protecting future generations

You helped to fund our community education and prevention programs, empowering community members of all ages to reduce their cancer risk. This year, Cancer Council SA was able to invest $7.3 million in life-saving prevention programs.

Please know that donations received will make a difference to every South Australian impacted by cancer.

Cancer Council SA has been supporting South Australians affected by cancer for over 90 years. We are committed to supporting all South Australians impacted by cancer and are the only organisation that works across every aspect of cancer including cancer research, prevention, evidence-based information and support. We know that cancer is personal. We understand that for some, there is a desire to choose where your money goes and make a donation to a cancer type that's important to you. This is where our cancer specific funds are an option for donors.

Donate to a specific cause

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