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South Aussies feel strongly about avocados! This time of the year is when people declare their love for Hass avocados and their disdain for Shepard avocados. Whether you’re a Hass or Shepard Avocado lover, our Prevention Team are here with 6 ways to enjoy avocados all year round.

Cancer Council SA recommends eating a variety of different coloured fruit and vegetables every day as part of a healthy diet. Fruit and vegetables are high in fibre and other nutrients that can help reduce your cancer risk. And avocados are a favourite of many.

Everyone’s favourite Hass avocados are replaced with the underappreciated Shepard avocado between February and April.

But before you swear off eating avocados until Hass is back in season, our Prevention Team are here to tell you how you can enjoy Shepard avocado season too.

Hass and Shepard avocados

1. Know when Shepard avocados are ripe

Unlike the Hass, which is generally squeezed to check for ripeness, you can just press the stem end of a Shepard and if there’s some give it means it’s ready to eat.

2. Keep leftovers fresher for longer

One of the wonderful things about a Shephard avocado is that they don’t tend to brown like their Hass counterparts. Your leftover salad stored in the fridge can still look fresh the next day – which is great for minimising food waste, and of course saving money.

3. Switch smashed avo for grilled avo

Everyone talks about smashed avo, but have you tried grilled avocado? With a light brush of extra virgin olive oil, you can grill the Shepard variety face down for a few moments. This goes perfectly with other grilled veggies on skewers for entertaining.

4. Add to your platter

Homemade guacamole with veggie sticks is the perfect snack or addition to your healthy platter for entertaining. We recommend adding coriander and lots of lime to your taste preference.

5. Slice for little hands

Because Shepard avocados retain their shape, they can be cut into slices which are perfect for babies and toddlers to pick up with their little fingers.

6. Elevate your sandwich

Avocado, as well as hummus, pesto, ricotta or low-fat cream cheese are all excellent options for butter alternatives on your sandwiches. Hass tends to spread easily but Shepard avocados are easy to slice and layer with other healthy toppings.

Shepard avocados are the Hass-le-free alternative for any avo lover to keep up their veggie intake. Shepard avocados are only in season for a short period so enjoy them while you can!

Remember, at least five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day are recommended for good health. Read more about the link between diet and cancer