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In 2015, Brendon was diagnosed with mixed liposarcoma in his leg, a very rare cancer. He went through successful treatment and was cancer free for over six years. Then, earlier this year, Brendon was told his cancer had not just returned—but was in six different places, his spine, kidney, liver, chest wall, pelvis, and rib bones.

Brendon’s family is afraid that this will be his last Christmas. And Brendon just wants more time, and more Christmases with his beloved wife, Luisa, and their sons, Christian and Cruz.

They are a close family who love to celebrate together. In fact, Brendon was on his way to his youngest son’s 10th birthday on the day he found out his cancer had returned.

“We had planned to spend a day with him and take him to go-karting. And I said, ‘Okay, we’ll go see the doctor first together and then we’ll go go-karting.’ And I’ll never forget, my doctor walked in, and said, ‘Oh, I think the boys should wait outside. I don’t think they need to hear this.’ And I knew straight away it was pretty full on.”

The news was devastating.

“I’ve got tumours in my spine and on top of the spine. And they found more tumours in my kidney, in my liver, on my chest wall, in my pelvic bones and in my rib bones.”

In spite of his diagnosis, Brendon wants to spend this Christmas the way he always does, surrounded by family. And as a professional chef, he loves cooking amazing food for everyone, just like his grandma used to do.

He wants to spend every single moment with his sons and his wife, enjoying his special time, not worrying about how much time they have left. But if there is one thing that gives him real hope, it’s cancer research. Brendon is hoping that despite having his cancer return, his current treatment will be able to stop it.

Currently undergoing radiation therapy to shrink his tumour, Brendon is thankful that so far, it has been working. But, if his treatment fails to work at any point, there are no further options. That’s why cancer research means so much to him. The hope of a new treatment for Brendon could be his only hope for the future.

It’s the second time he’s faced cancer now, and having treated it effectively last time, Brendon is confident. And he feels thankful to have the support of his family, and a generous community who help fund Cancer Council’s vital research to ensure that cancer treatments keep improving, so more people, like himself, can survive.

“It doesn’t get easier, that’s for sure. By knowing I have Cancer Council’s support, and knowing people have been so generous, is very humbling.”

If you’d like to help families like Brendan’s this Christmas, your generous gift will make a real difference.

Your donation will help support cancer research to find better treatments, which means people like Brendan can enjoy many more Christmases with their loved ones.

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