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While we may be able to stay at home, patients needing cancer treatment have no such option. And we are committed to getting them there. It means we have had to reduce the number of people in our minibus to comply with the physical distancing needs. We are using every car available and asking our team throughout the organisation to down-tools and help. While it means doing things a bit differently, we are committed to keeping this critical service going.

Tara—who is known around the organisation as our happy go-lucky Irish charm—has really brought her quirky personality with her to the Transport to Treatment minibus with an Elvis dress up and the introduction of car-aoke to help keep up the positive energy as she drives our lodge guests to their medical appointments.

Here’s what Tara had to say about her Transport to Treatment experience:

“I have turned the treatment bus into mobile car-aoke van. I get people singing, laughing and just having a bit of fun. Plus, I just love talking and listening to different stories and meeting people from all different areas.

“I absolutely love it. Being able to bring smiles and share laughs with some amazing people who are going through some not so great times. I treat them all like family so it’s just a wonderful thing that I am lucky to be able to help out with.”