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The next time you sort through your spare change, you might notice one of your dollar coins has the word ‘Donation Dollar’ written on it.

Donation Dollars are official, circulating coins which can be spent like any other $1 coin, but when donated, can help make an ongoing impact on the lives of those South Australians who need us most.

Each coin features a green centre with a gold ripple that symbolises the ongoing impact each donation makes.

Over the coming years, the Australian Government will be releasing 25 million Donation Dollars—one for every Australian—creating millions of reminders to give back and make a difference.

If every Australian donated just one Donation Dollar a month, an additional $300 million would be raised every year for those who need our support.

Every Donation Dollar is a powerful reminder that together, we really can change lives. If you find yourself with a Donation Dollar, here are some simple and easy way to put it to good use:

  1. Donate it in person to Cancer Council SA where cash donations are accepted, for example at our Cancer Council store in Rundle Mall or at a local fundraising event.
  2. Use your donation dollar as reminder to make a donation online and support those South Australians who need your help most. Then spend your donation dollar and pass on the reminder so someone else can be inspired to give back.
  3. Collect your donation dollars in a piggy bank—get the kids involved and make it a fun activity to do as a family. When you’re ready, you can donate your dollars in person or deposit it at an ATM and make a donation online.

It might be a small coin, but it’s made to make a huge difference. Find out more at