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Cancer Council and Australian Redcross Lifeblood are teaming up for the whole month of February help to support those impacted by cancer.

Did you know 34% of donated red cells go towards supporting someone living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis? With your donation of blood, you could change the life of someone affected by cancer.

When you donate blood this February, you will be able to show your support for people living with cancer with a sunny daffodil bandage designed by Australian artist Beci Orpin.

Join us this February to Stand up to cancer (while sitting down).

How you can change someone’s life.

Your donation of blood or plasma could save the life of an Australian living with cancer. Blood products can be used for various forms of cancer treatments. For example:

  • Many people who have chemotherapy need blood transfusions · Red cells, plasma and platelet transfusions combat the effects of chemotherapy.
  • Transfusions can be needed during cancer surgery.
  • Plasma-based immunoglobulin therapy can slow cancer progression
  • During treatment, up to nine bags of red cells and thirty-six bags of platelets can be needed for someone with acute leukemia each month.

More people affected by cancer are reliant on blood donations than ever before. Now is the time to donate. To book a blood donation appointment search ‘give blood’.

Where you can donate!

You can donate at centres all over Australia!

Click HERE to find the one closest to you.

February 4th is World Cancer Day

Almost 1 in 2 people in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85.

It is estimated that over 1 million Australians are currently affected by cancer and that by 2040 1.9 million Australians will be living with, or beyond cancer.

With the help of Lifeblood and blood donors, we can educate wider audiences about the role blood donation plays in cancer treatment.

There is no better time than February to come together as a community and stand up to cancer (while sitting down).

The donating does not have to stop at the end of February.  The more you donate, the more lives you can change!

If you need to talk about cancer information or support, call our experienced cancer nurses on 13 11 20.

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