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Following her diagnosis with an aggressive triple positive breast cancer—despite being just 20 years old—Bianca started treatment immediately. And it was tough.

She had an allergic reaction to chemotherapy and endured 30 rounds of “horrendous” radiation treatment in 30 days.

But today, Bianca, now 24, is alive and ready to put cancer behind her.

“I’m ready to move away from being ‘Bianca who had cancer.’ I’m ready to make a new identity for myself, which is very exciting.”

Your compassion is giving hope to thousands of Australians just like Bianca who rely on new research to help them have a future and put cancer behind them.

It is your support which keeps cancer research moving ahead and allows cancer researchers to continue to find new and better ways to treat even the most aggressive or rapidly spreading cancers every day.

Thanks to you, Bianca is just one of the many Australians who have been able to put cancer behind them and look to the future.

Given that one in two Australians will develop cancer in their lifetime, cancer research remains critical. With each gift you give, your kindness helps to keep the breakthrough research moments coming.

You can continue to help deliver research breakthroughs sooner by donating to the Daffodil Day Appeal by 28 August.