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Kate has been inspired to do what she can to reduce the rate and impact of cancer after years of working in cancer research. This March, she is challenging herself to cycle 300 kilometres, while raising funds for South Australians impacted by cancer.

Working in medical research, Kate first got into fundraising for Cancer Council at her previous workplace, where they would host a Biggest Morning Tea each year. When she started working remotely in 2019, she didn’t have a big bunch of work colleagues to bake for anymore, so instead she decided to take her fundraising on the road and improve her physical health too.

“I was very unhealthy for a few years so when I joined Ride for a reason it was an opportunity for me to force myself out of my physical comfort zone,” Kate says.

“With my first experience with Ride for a reason I wanted to push myself beyond what I already thought my physical limits were, so I pushed myself to do a 100-kilometre ride in one sitting, which I had never done before.”

“A few years on and I can now do 100 kilometres pretty regularly and sometimes even more if it’s a nice day with the tailwind.”

“I was able to use helping other people as a way to help myself get out of a bad place in my own life.”

This year, Kate is challenging herself to Ride 300 kilometres while raising funds for those impacted by a cancer diagnosis. When setting her K’s goal, she wanted to push herself while being realistic about what she would be able to achieve around her work schedule. So far, she is on track to exceed her goal with 240 kilometres down already!

Kate shared her tip to help others achieve their K’s or any fitness goal, “Sometimes it’s just about ignoring the part of your brain that wants to stay indoors and comfortable when it’s hot, or windy or when it’s rainy. And remember when you’re out there, it feels a lot better.”

“Getting out in the wind and the rain isn’t always the fun part but being on the road is fun and it’s a very mindful experience that can bring you a lot of personal peace.”

Kate’s big goal though is to keep helping people with cancer in any way she can, whether that’s through her work or through fundraising.

“Cancer is so common in our community that none of us are going to escape life without being affected by it in one way or another. Whether it be ourselves, our family or our friends. If we can make an impact on reducing that challenge that everyone faces then I think it’s important,” Kate says.

This March, every kilometre you ride can support the work of Cancer Council SA when you register to Ride for a reason like Kate. 

Simply, register for Ride for a reason, set your target distance, raise funds from your cheer squad and ride for those impacted by cancer.

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