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Dr Katia Ferrar and Dr Emma Kemp from Flinders University have just been awarded new research fellowships in cancer wellness and cancer support, thanks to Cancer Council SA and Flinders Foundation.

Cancer Council SA, Flinders Foundation and Flinders University, have invested a total of $1 million into two exciting new cancer research fellowships dedicated to finding better ways to support people impacted by cancer, at every stage of their cancer experience.

Dr Kemp’s research is investigating how we can provide the right resources at the right time to support people impacted by cancer.

Over the next three years, Dr Kemp’s research will aim to explore the psychological impacts of cancer on patients and carers to find better ways to support them to navigate this difficult time in their lives.

“Many people seem to experience the two extremes of either not finding resources or being overwhelmed with resources – neither of these provide the kind of support they need,” Dr Kemp says.

“It’s about ensuring people have what they need to live a psychologically and physically well lifestyle, after treatment or if treatment is ongoing.”

“This is a massive opportunity for me to take some significant strides in better supporting people who have received a diagnosis of cancer, and their loved ones.”

“As a team, we can raise some really exciting programs of research, looking at the psychological drivers behind people’s engagement in health behaviours and health behaviour impacts on psychological wellness.”

Dr Ferrar’s research will investigate how physical activity can help improve the lives of people impacted by cancer, as well as looking at the benefits of a variety of other wellness therapies.

“There is extensive evidence showing the importance of exercise in cancer wellness,” Dr Ferrar says.

“This fellowship really demonstrates the insight of both organisations in acknowledging the importance of something quite distinct from the medical aspects of oncology research.”

“It’s our job to demonstrate the impact of our research and the benefit to cancer survivors so we can generate momentum to continue the important work in these areas.”

At Cancer Council SA we are committed to be here for every South Australian impacted by cancer with best practice support and information. Research like this ensures that we can continue to develop our support services to meet the needs of those impacted by cancer.

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