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You may have heard about Dry July, but did you know it’s a great way to do your bit and raise funds for Australians affected by cancer? That’s right, by going alcohol-free in the month of July and choosing to dedicate your donations to Cancer Council, you’ll be supporting South Australians who hears the words “you have cancer” by helping to fund our Cancer Council 13 11 20 information and support service.

Cancer Council SA Campaigns Manager Kate Fitzpatrick is just one staff member who has signed up to make the small sacrifice of going alcohol free during July to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer. We chat to her below to find out more about why she signed up, what her month is set to look like and how she hopes her fundraising will make a difference.

Q: Why did you sign up for Dry July?

A: I’m involved in the Dry July campaign for Cancer Council SA and I’d wanted to experience going alcohol free for a month myself at the same time!

Q: What does going dry for July mean to you?

A: I’m usually not much of a big drinker, but I have never set aside an entire month to not drink. For me, it’s about being mindful, practicing discipline and reaping the health rewards of a month without alcohol.

Q: How are you feeling about an alcohol-free month?

A: It will be strange, but I don’t think it will be too difficult. There are so many ways to enjoy life without involving alcohol, so I think one month will be challenging but achievable.

Q: How have your friends and family received the news? Are they supportive?

A: Yes! Everyone is very supportive—they think it’s a great idea. I have managed to get some colleagues to join me also!

Q: How much are you hoping to raise?

A: I have started a workplace team, so between us it would be great to raise $500. I’ve started at a fairly achievable target of $100 just for myself, but if things go well, I’d like to increase that target.

Q: Do you hope to earn some golden tickets?

A: Golden tickets are a great way to break up the month, while also raising much needed funds. A friend of mine has bought me a golden ticket as encouragement!

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing/feeling some of the benefits of going alcohol free?

A: Absolutely! Going without alcohol is great for general wellbeing—you sleep better, have more energy and less lethargy. It also means less spending money on alcohol, and more free time instead of nursing hangovers!

Q: What does it mean to you to be able to raise funds for Cancer Council SA in support of South Australians affected by cancer through this fundraiser?

A: It’s really important for me to know that the funds raised will go towards Cancer Council’s 13 11 20 support and information service. I’m blown away by the amazing work done by our service providers and nurses and the difference they make in people’s lives every day. It’s a small ask for me to give up alcohol for a month so that I can contribute towards these vital services.

Q: Anything else?

A: I hope that by participating in Dry July, my colleagues and I can encourage others to donate and sign up also! You never know—you might really like the benefits of going alcohol free and make it an ongoing thing!

Cancer Council SA Information and Support Manager, Amanda Robertson says support from fundraisers like Kate through Dry July make a big difference in enabling her team of Cancer Council 13 11 20 nurses to be there for more than 4,500 callers each and every year.

“Supporting people affected by cancer is at the heart of everything we do,” she says.

“Across all stages of their experience—from hearing those three words, to coping with treatment, to life beyond cancer—our support services like Cancer Council 13 11 20 ensure no one ever has to go through cancer alone.”

By saying yes to going Dry this July or donating to someone who is, you’ll not only be helping others, you’ll be helping yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, donate or find out more here: