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In the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, like Bianca’s, traditional targeted treatments have not been effective.

Although for Bianca her treatment was successful, it was tough. She had an allergic reaction to chemotherapy and endured 30 rounds of “horrendous” radiation treatment in 30 days. This is why it’s so important for us to fund and find alternative ways to treat cancer and save lives.

With lives like Bianca’s dependent on new discoveries in treatment—like those being made by Associate Professor Alexander Swarbrick—there’s never a moment to waste. Having support like yours isn’t just something we’re grateful for, it’s the key to progressing cancer research and saving more lives.

“Your kindness means more than you could really know for those who have gone through cancer. It’s continuing to support others who are going to go through this, and it’s hopefully going to allow us to have a cancer free world one day.” – Bianca

Your incredible kindness has already helped to deliver many research breakthroughs when it comes to finding alternative ways to treat cancer and save lives. It is ensuring research can take an important stride towards a future free from cancer by finding better treatments for cancer, sooner.

Sadly, research, cancer screening rates and other vital services are still feeling the impact of COVID-19, but with your help we can get back on track.

By making a donation to Bianca’s Daffodil Day Appeal by 27 August, you can ensure cancer research does not slow down.

We can’t do it without you.