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For Norma who had no idea what to expect from her cancer diagnosis, the course of treatment or the trip to Adelaide, the Cancer Council Lodges offered her a safe and supportive space while she was away from home.

Cancer Council Lodges offer more than just a place to stay. Thanks to your support, guests from regional South Australia are able to access:

  • Subsidised accommodation
  • Free transport to treatment
  • Social worker support
  • Help with bills

Norma says, “I underwent three rounds of chemotherapy treatment and spent the last three weeks of my treatment at Flinders Lodge. 

“Even though there were some changes at Flinders Lodge due to the Coronavirus, such as the kitchen and recreation room closing and personal contact being limited, never once did I feel like I was shut in. The staff at the lodges are just wonderful. From the friendly bloke at reception and the volunteers who do the driving, to the social workers Jo and Michelle—each one made me feel so supported. 

“Jo was my main contact, she’s such a bubbly lady and explained things in a way that was really helpful to me. She also organised support from organisations to help us pay a couple of our bills, which was just fantastic. Being away from home and having treatment, especially during something like Coronavirus, is a scary thing, and the support I got from every single person at Flinders Lodge made a huge difference.”

In April, Norma finished her treatment and received the wonderful news that the chemotherapy had worked—her cancer could no longer be detected. She returned home after 25 days at Flinders Lodge.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be home, but also incredibly grateful to Cancer Council SA for their support this year, and particularly during the last month. I can’t fault it. In my eyes, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

To find out more about Cancer Council Lodges, call Cancer Council 13 11 20.