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In January this year, 24-year-old Sahra Felice faced the hardest day of her life when she had to say goodbye to her dad, her protector, after he had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma—a rare and deadly cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Now, she’s hosting a Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in his honour and the hope that in the future, no family has to go through what hers has been through.

When Sahra’s dad was first diagnosed with Mesothelioma in August 2020, she says the whole family was devastated, but that everyone knew they needed to make the most of what time they had left with him. For Sahra, who was just 24, the hardest part of it all was dealing with the fact that her hard working and devoted dad would miss much of her life.

“My dad was going to miss the rest of my life and all of the special events that were still to come. Dad would never see me get married, or meet his grandchildren… and that was the same situation for my younger brother as well,” she explains.

“Dad’s cancer spread rapidly and sadly, there is no cure, but there are some treatments available which include chemotherapy and radiotherapy—both of which my dad tried.

“My mum cared for dad at home for as long as she could, but he did have a number of trips to the hospital which was somewhere he didn’t want to be.

“Dad’s final days were the worst of my life, and I was absolutely heartbroken to see dad suffering and in so much pain, and there was nothing anyone could do for him.”

And for Sahra, that’s where hosting a Biggest Morning Tea comes in.

“I am hosting a morning tea on 31 May at my workplace,” she says.

“The whole office—all 17 of us—will be baking something to bring in and I am hoping to raise as much as possible to contribute and help others who are suffering. Every cent counts.

“I really hope that in the future there is a more effective treatment for people suffering from Mesothelioma so that they don’t have to experience the pain that my dad did.

“I also hope to raise awareness for this deadly cancer, as I personally had never heard of Mesothelioma when my mum first broke the news to me.”

If you’d like to make a cuppa for a cause just like Sahra, you still can—it’s not too late. You can register online and host your morning tea your way any time in May or June.

Find out more and register today: