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Cutting back on the amount of alcohol you drink can benefit your health in many ways including improving your mood, decreasing anxiety, increasing your energy levels and improving your sleep.

Australia’s alcohol guidelines recommend we limit the amount of alcohol we drink to no more than 10 standard drinks per week, and no more than four standard drinks on any one day.

If you’ve been thinking about reducing your drinking to improve your health, here are our 6 tips to help:

1. Keep non-alcoholic options at home

Stock your fridge and pantry with tasty non-alcohol drink options such as flavoured teas, sparkling water with fruit and other non-alcoholic drinks.

If you’re feeling creative, you can also experiment with some fun and tasty mocktails. When creating mocktails, be cautious of mixers as they can often be high in sugar and calories. Try our selection of mocktail recipes for a delicious and healthy options.

2. Organise social catch ups that don’t centre around alcohol

Find social alternatives that don’t involve alcohol. Instead of catching up with mates at the pub, pick a location where alcohol isn’t easily available such as a café for a morning coffee, the beach or the movies.

3. Plan alcohol-free days each week

Having a few alcohol-free days each week will help you stay healthy and break any bad habits, such as reaching for a drink each day after work.

4. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water

If you choose to drink, stay hydrated and drink water to quench your thirst, instead of reaching for another alcoholic drink. A good habit to get into is alternating alcoholic drinks with a non-alcoholic drink like water.

5. Sign up for Dry July

If you’ve been thinking about taking a break from alcohol, Dry July is the perfect opportunity to give your body a much-needed break, all while raising funds to support South Australians impacted by cancer.

By going alcohol-free in July and fundraising on behalf of Cancer Council, you’ll help us continue to provide our vital Cancer Council 13 11 20 Information and Support service for all South Australians impacted by cancer.

Sign up for Dry July today at