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What are the causes and risk factors?

The causes of most bone cancers are unknown, but factors that increase the risk include:

Previous radiation exposure including radiation therapy (radiotherapy) – Radiation therapy to treat cancer increases the risk of developing bone cancer. The risk is higher when high doses of radiation therapy have been given in childhood. Most people who have radiation therapy will not develop bone cancer.

Chemotherapy for another cancer – Some drugs may increase the risk of osteosarcoma.

Other bone conditions – Some people who have Paget disease of the bone, or other benign bone conditions, are at higher risk.

Genetic factors – Some inherited conditions, such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome, increase the risk of bone cancer. People with a strong family history of certain types of cancer are also at risk. Ask for a referral to a family cancer clinic for more information. Some people develop bone cancer because of gene changes that happen during their lifetime, rather than inheriting a faulty gene.

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