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Hearing the words “you have cancer” is a moment Craig will never forget. It’s a moment no one forgets.

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“The doctors’ words I will never forget; she said: ‘I’m so sorry… you’ve got cancer’.”

Alone, in a room set within the Noarlunga Hospital Emergency Department, was where XX-year-old Craig wa[AM1] [HI2] s told he had cancer.

It is a moment he will never forget. It’s a moment no one forgets.

For Craig, it was a moment he never saw coming.

But, as bad as hearing those three words was, the worst was yet to come—he hadn’t yet seen the impact it was going to have on his wife, let alone all three kids.

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For so long Craig didn’t know the way forward, he didn’t have a plan. He hadn’t received a prognosis; he hadn’t been given a treatment schedule. Every check up and every follow-up call would leave his wife and kids in tears because the news kept getting worse.

Then, at his first chemotherapy infusion he was told ‘your cancer is terminal; we can’t treat it, we can only manage it… you have two to three years left to live’.

Despite everything, Craig and his family have chosen to remain positive, making the most of every day and every moment they have left together.

With your help, Cancer Council SA is here to provide support for people like Craig and his loved ones—at every stage of their cancer experience. With your support, we can continue to be there for every South Australian impacted by cancer.

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