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Cancer Counselling Service

Our free Cancer Counselling Service offers an opportunity to talk through and assist in managing the challenges of living with cancer and navigating life after cancer treatment.

The counselling service is available in person or over the phone at any stage of a cancer experience.


The focus of counselling will be on the impact of the cancer, as opposed to other life pressures or preexisting mental health conditions.

Counselling is available to both a person with a diagnosis of cancer or their family, carer or loved ones.

If you have a client who you think would benefit from counselling, please have them call Cancer Council 13 11 20 to make an appointment.

Finding My Way

Up to 40 per cent of cancer patients experience clinically significant distress following diagnosis, however less than 20 per cent elect to attend psychological therapy.

Finding My Way is a free, online self-help coping program for those undergoing treatment for cancer.

This program is designed to provide people with additional information, support and strategies to manage some of the common physical, emotional, social and practical difficulties that they are likely to come across during treatment.

The program goes for six weeks—each week a new ‘module’ is released to the participant, which provides information relating to a new topic.  A person can use as much or as little of the program as they like.

This program is designed for anyone:

  • Diagnosed with any cancer type
  • Being treated with curative intent
  • Currently receiving active cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, recent surgery)
  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Access to the internet (computer, tablet or mobile)

Finding My Way has been evaluated through several trials and shown to improve well-being and quality of life.