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Cancer Council SA warmly welcomes the launch of the updated Right Bite Food and Drink Supply Standards and the new Healthy Food Environments Hub. The updated standards, developed collaboratively by Wellbeing SA and the Department for Education marks a pivotal milestone in advancing healthy food environments for school children across South Australia.

Christine Morris, Prevention and Advocacy Manager at Cancer Council SA expresses, “We are thrilled with the launch of the Right Bite Standards and Healthy Food Environments Hub. This will undoubtedly contribute to the overall wellbeing and long-term health of South Australian school children. By encouraging healthier food options and instilling positive eating behaviours at a young age, we have a real opportunity to make a lasting impact on reducing the risk of cancer and other diet-related diseases in our community.”

We recognise this achievement is a result of cross government collaboration between Wellbeing SA and the Department for Education and extend congratulations for their partnership effort in creating healthy environments for South Australian school children.

“We know schools have such an important role to play in creating healthy eating environments that help set up positive foundations for the rest of their lives. The Right Bite Standards and Healthy Food Environments Hub are a valuable resource for schools, and we encourage schools to utilise the standards to create healthy whole school food environments that benefit all students.” States Christine Morris

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