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With more than 11,400 South Australians diagnosed with cancer each year, chances are that most people living in your community have been touched by cancer. To put that into perspective, that’s close to the population of Port Augusta.

“Cancer takes so much – from all of us. It takes from our friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and family members. But together, we can give it our all for the people who’ve been impacted by a cancer diagnosis, whether that’s you, or someone close to you. Giving, it’s what Daffodil Day is all about,” Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Kerry Rowlands said.

This year, Daffodil Day falls on Thursday 31 August, and is all about raising vital funds for Cancer Council SA’s life-saving cancer research.

“Every person who donates or buys daffodils will be helping us invest in life-saving cancer research programs. Every dollar raised for Daffodil Day in South Australia goes towards funding South Australian research. That’s something our community can be proud of,” Ms Rowlands said.

“Since 2011, the Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project has invested more than $40 million into local South Australian cancer research across a range of cancer types, but more is desperately needed.”

“Thanks to investment in research, amazing advancements have been made in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment, which has helped increase survival rates from 51 per cent in the late 1980s to around 70 per cent.”

2023 marks 37 years of Daffodil Day, and this year South Australians are encouraged to give it their all. All donations and funds raised through Daffodil Day will directly fund cancer research projects right here in South Australia, helping save lives and reduce the rate and impact of cancer.

You can support Daffodil Day by donating or buying daffodils at or by phone 1300 65 65 85, or by hosting a fundraiser.