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Australian actress and TV personality Lauren Brant is kick starting summer in style by supporting Stratco National Patio Day.

Held on Saturday 5 December, Stratco National Patio Day is a chance to celebrate the first Saturday of summer with family, friends, and loved ones while also raising vital funds for Cancer Council.

A mother of two young boys, Lauren says National Patio Day is not only a great chance to make a difference, it’s also a great way to educate Australians on the importance of sun protection whenever the UV is 3 and above.

“Both of my parents have had skin cancers cut out, so we’ve always been very cautious about sun safety growing up. Now that I have a family of my own, it’s something that has become even more important to me,” she said.

“As a family, we love enjoying the beautiful Australian summer weather, but are also very passionate about sun protection, making sure that we’re always wearing hats and sunscreen whenever we’re outside.”

“We recently got a Stratco patio installed at our house and having a space outside where the boys can play during summer, while also being protected from the harsh summer sun, is really important to me,” she said.

The former High 5 star says that knowing people currently going through cancer makes the cause even more important to her.

“Like many people, our family has been impacted by cancer—it can be all consuming—and our hearts goes out to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis or going through treatment. Knowing that hosting an event is also making a difference to the lives of those impacted by cancer is a huge motivator,” she said.

“I’m all about having a good time for a good cause, and National Patio Day is a great way to do that while making a difference.”

In 2020, National Patio Day hopes to raise $330,000, which will fund Cancer Council programs and services across the country.

Not only will funds raised support those impacted by cancer, every $20 you raise puts you in the draw to win a Stratco Home Stadium, valued at $30,000.

For more information or to register, visit the National Patio Day website or call 1300 65 65 85 to receive your free National Patio Day host kit.

Interviews with Lauren can be arranged on request by contacting Natasha Baugh on 0400 855 244 or via email


  • Skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancers diagnosed in Australia each year.
  • Melanoma is the most common cancer in Australians aged 12 – 24
  • UV is responsible for 99 per cent of all non-melanoma and 95 per cent of melanoma skin cancers.
  • Cancer Council research shows that even though almost 90 per cent of Australian adults don’t attempt a suntan over summer, over 60 per cent still report having suntanned skin over summer, indicating a need for improved sun protection practices.
  • At least two in three people are diagnosed with skin cancer before age 70
  • Cancer Council recommends sun protection whenever the UV is 3 and above.
  • To minimise skin damage, you should protect your skin in five ways when UV is 3 and above:
    • Slip on some sun protective clothing
    • Slop on SPF 30, or higher, broad spectrum sunscreen
    • Slap on a shady hat that protects the head, face, ears and neck
    • Seek shade whenever possible (a Stratco Patio works great!)
    • Slide on some wraparound sunglasses