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Cancer Council SA has a proud history of advocating for quit smoking legislation and policies to be enacted in South Australia.

Our advocacy is undertaken through the provision of submissions to Government and public campaigns which demonstrate wide-spread community support for smoke-free policies and legislation.

Cancer Council has advocated for:

  • Smoke-free alfresco dining in South Australia
  • Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes across the State
  • The ongoing funding of quit smoking advertising
  • Smoke-free prisons around the State
  • A ban on tobacco sponsorship of sports

Our priorities remain centred on creating tobacco-free and nicotine-free environments to protect all South Australians, driving down smoking rates to reduce the impact of tobacco and nicotine products on the health of our population, increased support for priority populations to reduce their levels of smoking and helping ensure young people do not take up the habit.

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This page was last reviewed in March 2022.