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UV protection in the workplace

The workplace is a major source of exposure for many Australian adults, with outdoor workers receiving up to ten times more ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure compared to indoor workers. UV radiation is present anytime there is daylight. Both high intensity and low intensity UV radiation exposure is linked to an increased risk of skin cancer. Each dose of UV received, builds up, accumulating over the lifetime.

It is not surprising that outdoor workers who are required to spend long periods of time working in the sun, year after year, have a higher-than-average risk of skin cancer.

Under Australian work health and safety legislation, employers must take steps to reduce this risk and protect workers from overexposure to UV radiation. Implementing comprehensive sun protection measures at work, can prevent sun-related injuries and reduce the suffering and costs associated with skin cancer – including reduced productivity, morale and financial returns.

Skin cancer and outdoor work—A work health and safety guide

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SunSmart Workplace consultation program

Cancer Council SA can provide a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) with support in identifying UV risks within their workplace and help develop strategies to address them.

By participating in the SunSmart Workplace consultation program, we can assist workplaces to meet their WH&S responsibilities and duty of care by providing a range of resources, education sessions for workers and support to review or develop a sun protection policy. The aim of the consultation sessions is to ensure a whole of organisation approach and provide workplaces with an opportunity to expand on their knowledge, identify the risk in the context of their workplace and review current practices.

Following a consultation, Cancer Council SA will provide each workplace with a report outlining and identifying priority actions and areas for improvement and provide ongoing support and resources as needed.

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UV protection in action

Use this step-by-step guide to create or review your workplace policy or procedure.
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SunSmart Workplaces online learning

A series of videos about UV radiation as a workplace hazard.
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SunSmart Workplace Consultation program

Cancer Council SA can provide tailored support to identify hazard controls for your workplace.
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Resources for your workplace

Download or order free resources on UV protection in the workplace.
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More information on UV radiation and skin cancer:

This webpage was last reviewed and updated in September 2023.